Youth Camp Information

We invite you to join us for another fun packed summer at Swan Lake Christian Camp. There will be lots of activities for everyone to enjoy as well as great Bible study sessions which will challenge you to a closer, deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, the architect of all creation. Come and be part of another great summer!

Need directions? Click here for a detailed map.

People say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That is no less true here at camp. We have posted a photo album of the various activities at Swan Lake Christian Camp, so you can see what makes this camp so special. You may even see a picture of yourself, or someone you know.

Come and join us for a fun packed week! Check out our fun Challenge Course.

2014-2015 Winter Retreat Schedule
Young Adult Retreat (College age and up)
        December 19-21, 2014

2015 Summer Schedule
(All grades refer to 2014-2015 school year)

Swan Lake MarathonJune 14 
Cottontail Day Camp (ages 5 & 6)June 18
Chipmunk Day Camp (Grades 1-2)June 19
Third Grade CampJune 15-17
Fourth Grade CampJune 21-24
Fifth Grade CampJuly 5-10
Sixth Grade CampJuly 12-17
Junior High Camp (Grades 7-8)July 26-31
Senior High Camp (Grades 9-12)July 19-24

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