Lake Side Cabins
These cabins contain bunk beds for sleeping up to ten people. There are two modern cabins on the south side of the cove and three of the original camp cabins circa 1940. There are also two modern cabins on the north side of the cove.  The four modern cabins have air conditioning and twin extra long mattress. Bathhouse facilities are nearby.

Western Cabin 001Western Cabin 002

Northstone Cabin
The Northstone Cabin has three bunk house rooms, and a sleeping capacity of up to 50 people. This cabin has air conditioning.  Bathhouse facilities are nearby.

Southstone Cabin
This is a four-season cabin with heatingsouthstone_lg and air conditioning. This cabin has four rooms, and contains bunk beds to sleep up to 10 people in each room, for a total of 40 beds. A central lounge contains a wood burning stove. Two bathrooms are shared by guests.