Meet the Staff


Executive Director Jerry Kroeker since 1997

JerryI first came to Swan Lake Christian Camp in 1991 after I had been working in the “real” world for several years after college. Swan Lake changed my life. I saw something in the kids and the staff members that I wanted for myself. I saw kids with an enthusiasm and knowledge about Jesus Christ that was missing in my Christian walk. My Christian faith was important to me but seemed to lack vitality. When I returned to SLCC as the executive director in 1997, I knew that I wanted to model that same enthusiasm that had so profoundly impacted my own life.

I serve as the executive director which means that I wear a variety of hats from maintenance to promoting the camp to doing what I like best which is mentoring the young adults who come each year as Swan Lake Staffers to help us run our summer camping program.

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Office Administrator Judi Kroeker since 1997

JudiI grew up coming to Swan Lake Christian Camp since I was in elementary school. Swan Lake has always been important to me and I had promised myself that I would serve as part of the program staff after I graduated from Goshen College and before starting a career. In 1992, I came back and met Jerry who was also working on staff. After we were married, we moved to Kansas and were comfortably starting to put down roots when God opened the door for us to return to Swan Lake.

I am the office manager, doing most of the bookkeeping and guest group coordinating. Jerry and I have three children, Kayle, Laura, and Melissa.

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Head Cook Mary Anderson since 1998

MaryI had been cooking at Byron Bible Camp for 19 years when the flooding along the James River devastated the camp in 1997. A year later, when it became apparent that I would need to find another job, I sent out just a couple of inquiries to other camps. Swan Lake Christian Camp was growing and needed help in the kitchen. I really believe that God brought us together. I believe that when children’s stomachs are satisfied, then they will be hungry or at least more open to the word of God. I meet a physical need so that others can meet a spiritual need. I truly see my role in the kitchen as a ministry.

I am in charge of the kitchen. I work with the volunteers who help to cook during the summer and I plan menus. I also do some of the house keeping. I also really enjoy playing the piano. By the way, you can contact the camp for a copy of my cookbook.

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 Program Director Tiffany Kost since 2017

I first came to camp as an insecure sixth grade camper.  My commitment at the end of the week that year was to show love to my family. Each year that I have returned, I have grown both in my faith and in the relationships with other camp people.  I have always wanted to work at camp as the program director, but life circumstances had never lined up until recently.  I am excited to return to a place that I love in order to share that love of camp and of Jesus Christ with others.

I am in charge of everything fun that happens at camp.  I work with the summer programs, hosting weekend groups and other responsibilities as needed.